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luni, 11 iulie 2011

Lemons Benefits

The lemon (Citrus) has many health improvement properties that many people do not know about. The calcium, vitamin C, and magnesium in lemons has been shown to fight all sorts of infections, help with immunities, and even spike weight loss efforts. Lemons can serve as a health aid in many forms, including as a juice, tea, or dressing, as a bathwater, even as a topical aide. The juice of Lemons is often widely used as it is easily extracted from the fruit. Lemon juice is an acid (pH 2-3) as it is made up of about 5% Citric Acid. The word Citric Acid is often confused with the scientific name of Vitamin C which is Ascorbic Acid, as Lemon Juice also contains lots of Vitamin C.

Below are some of the most interesting health benefits of lemons.

Lemons help with acne

The citric acid and vitamin C contained in lemons have been shown to work wonders for acne patients. As an alkaline fruit, lemons also kill many forms of bacteria that are known to cause acne. Drinking lemon juice with water every morning is the easiest way to tap into these healing properties, but there are some more powerful solutions for those suffering with worse cases of acne.

Mixing one part of lemon juice with one part of rose or honey water and placing it on areas of the skin affected by acne has been shown to be an effective solution. The solution is to be left on the skin for a half hour and then washed off with water. This procedure is to be repeated twice daily.

Another treatment is to apply fresh lemon juice directly to affected areas with a cotton ball or swab and leave it overnight. The solution should then be cleaned off in the morning. As this is the least diluted of all the above solutions, it has a tendency to burn at first, but is considered the most effective way to use lemons to treat acne.

Reduce bad emotions with lemons

Not only are lemons good for the skin, but seemingly for the psyche as well. Consumption of lemons, or even just inhaling the aroma (aromatherpy) has been shown to improve mood and lessen or even remove tension, nervousness, anxiety, exhaustion, dizziness, fatigue, and exhaustion.

Lemons are also thought to improve concentration, which is why so many room fresheners and air sprays are lemon scented. Some people even squeeze a few lemon drops on a handkerchief and inhale it to help with focus.

Lemons can treat canker sores

Lemons have scientifically proven antiviral and anitbacterial qualities. A glass of lukewarm lemon juice mixed with water swished around the mouth three times a day has been shown to cure canker sores. As canker sores are open wounds, there may be some burning at first, but this is to be expected until the wounds become more sterilized.

Lemons cure fevers

Lemons have long been thought to help with fevers as well, an offshoot of the calming properties of the fruit. Hot water, lemon juice, and honey mixed together is a great solution to a fever. Consume every two hours until the fever subsides.

Not only for fevers, but for colds and the flu

Lemons have a twofold positive effect on colds and the flu. The vitamin C helps with the internal infection, while the antiviral properties of the lemon will help with the mucous membranes of your throat and mouth.

It is best to catch a cold or a flu at the very beginning and flood your system with as much vitamin C from lemons as you can find. Squeeze lemon juice fresh and mix with lukewarm water. Consume every two hours.

You can use lemon juice as a gargle as well as a juice to help with the throat problems that colds and the flu cause.Combine with a little sea salt to help with a sore throat.

Use as a topical solution for corns

Slices of lemon placed between a bandage and a corn provide much needed nutrients to the callous part of the injury. The use of lemon essential oil is also proven to work wonders for calloused areas.

Lemons cure eczema, in some cases

Eczema sufferers have found relief from lemon wraps. Dilute a small amount of lemon essential oil combined with honey in lukewarm water. Soak a cloth made of linen in this solution, squeeze out the extra solution, and place the cloth on the area of the body affected by eczema for 15 minutes at a time, 3 times a day.

Lemons fight fatigue

Long distance runners and hikers will sometimes simply stick a straw in the top of a lemon for a much needed boost of energy.

Lemon Peel can reduce Cholesterol

A recent study has shown that eating Lemon Peel can be effective in lowering cholesterol. It's thought this is not just due to the pectin concentration of Lemon Peel, but to a variety of active ingredients in the Peel.

Lemons are widely available as they are grown all over the World, especially in hotter climates. India, South America and Spain are all big Lemon growing countries. The ease in which Lemons can be grown makes them a very economic and versatile fruit. Their lovely sharp and vesty flavour coupled with their bright cheery Yellow colour, further explains why Lemons are one of the favourite fruits of the World.

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